Your home is making you sick

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You know the expression, "If these walls could talk?" If homes could talk, it would probably have a gravelly voice with a lot of wheezing and coughing as it struggles to breathe.

Years ago, homes contained asbestos, lead paint and radon gas. Much has changed within the past 30-plus years; however, during that progression, dangerous chemicals have become prominent in almost every piece of construction material under the context of "protectant" or "preservative."

Homes are built tighter and more energy-efficient today. They save energy but trap pollutants. That creates "negative air," which becomes a breeding ground for mold and Dust Mite infestation.

Regardless the age of the home, simply repainting, re-carpeting, and using popular products to keep the home fresh and comfortable comes with a valuable tradeoff.

Edward Kampf isn't a vegetarian telling you about the hazards of eating red meat. This book isn't about changing habits or lifestyles. This book serves as an informative guide to help you understand if your home is making you sick. And if so, follow his eight simple steps to become an advocate for yourself and your family's wellness.

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About the Author: Edward Kampf

Edward Kampf is the founder of Hygienitech Solutions, LLC. He is one of the leading experts in deodorizing and decontamination in the Texas market.

Though he had a career as a mortgage banker, Ed's journey into indoor decontamination began after his daughter developed a rash from Dust Mite exposure at a hotel. That started his research into the toxicity of indoor environments, which quickly became a new passion. He left his other career and created a company based on the concept of creating healthy homes by treating toxic environments with non-toxic solutions. His discoveries are eye-opening as well as body-cleansing.

Edward Kampf's two-hour Texas Realtor CE course, "Staying Healthy in an Unhealthy Environment," has rapidly placed him in high demand on the speaking circuit. He currently resides in Houston, Texas.

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